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Famous former residents of King's Heath


Ronald as a boy

In 1895 a young mother returned to King’s Heath from Bloemfontein in southern Africa with her two sons Ronald and Hilary. She was Mabel Tolkien and Ronald we better know as J. R. R. Tolkien the author.


Ann Haydon-Jones

Tennis star Ann Haydon-Jones was a Wimbledon champion and was awarded the CBE. She was born in King's Heath.


Tommy Godwin

Olympic cycling legend Tommy Godwin ran a cycle shop in King's Heath for 36 years.



Anthony Pratt

Anthony Pratt, invented the famous board game "Cluedo" when he lived in Stanley Road, King's Heath. Gail Pittaway brings us a short history.



Gerry Thain

Gerry Thain was founder and long time coach of Camp Hill Edwardians Swimming Club.




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